Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sheep in the Winter on the Farm

 We have two female sheep (ewes). A farmer who raises sheep for meat sold them to me for pets. I bought them to keep the donkey company (his brother donkey died suddenly) and to keep some of the grass in the field cut. I hoped the sheep would graze on a wide swatch of grass and keep it trimmed but that didn't happen. You can see the thick wool coat they grow for winter. I trim the wool in the spring and then let it grow so that in winter they are warm. The sheep spend most of the winter outside although they have a shelter they can go into if they want. They like to sleep in the snow so they rarely use the shelter I built. I used to keep the sheep with our donkey but he doesn't like them very much and can be quite mean, especially to the white sheep (Princess), so I keep them separated. Princess and her companion, Ewe-Lyses S. Grant, are about 3 years old.
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