Friday, January 09, 2009

Prison Chicken Not To Good

Two former jail inmates were in a federal court in the U.S.A. Thursday, saying they were emotionally damaged after eating some chicken they bought at a prison store in Kentucky in 2005.

Christopher Butts Hank Butson and Cory Cochran say the frozen Banquet Crispy Chicken they bit into was not edible. Butts brought the alleged piece of chicken to court in a paper bag, but the judge would not let it be used as evidence in court.

"I bit into a soft pocket of I don't know what," Butts told reporters after the hearing. "It wasn't meat. It was a soft pocket of pus and grain and corn or something."

A lawyer for ConAgra Foods asked the judge to throw out the suit, saying the plaintiffs never sought treatment for illnesses. The Judge has taken the issue under advisement and has not yet issued a decision.

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