Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Egg Eating part 2

Part 2

Another method of prevention is role away nest boxes. This is simply any kind of nest box that automatically removes the egg after the chicken has laid it. This sounds complicated but in reality it is simply a nest box with a slanted floor so the egg rolls away to a place where the chickens cant get at it. You can purchase commercially manufactured boxes or with a little thought you can build your own.

It is also possible to discourage egg eating by putting fake eggs in the nest boxes. This serves 2 functions. 1, it teaches the birds the spot you would like them to lay. 2, It teaches them that eggs are not edible. For fake eggs you can use anything that looks egg like, but you should try to use something light in weight. You want something light so it will not break the real eggs in the nest. I have found ping pong balls work not to bad for this.

To Be Continued.

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