Sunday, May 01, 2005

Hitchcock's "The Birds" Freaks Me Out Too

Part of my bird phobia involves having them touch me, or vice versa. I can't bear the thought of a feather or beak or bird claw ON me. Part of my phobia involves their flying anywhere near me, and possibly landing on my head. I once had a seagull land on my head in a park and I was rather hysterical -- but that's another story.

When we started with birds, it was with a small flock of 30 day old chicks. The deal was that I was never to have anything to do with them. That wasn't quite how things
worked out, so out of necessity I discovered that if I wear gloves and have every inch of skin covered, I can handle them until they're fairly big.

I can be outside when they're outside as long as they don't gang up on me. If any more than 6 come around, I'm freaked. I've been known to make a stumbling dash to the house that if seen by the public would make the Government revoke my Handicapped Sticker for those good parking spaces!

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