Saturday, June 23, 2007

Barley Breaks Free

Barley breaks out of her crate while we are in town. She bent the side bars with her teeth (breaking off a tooth root and all in the process). When they were bent, she was able to push one of the ends out. That isn't an open door to the crate, that is the whole end of it pushed off. Then she got blood all over the room as she leapt up and down against the doors. We came home to blood splashed on the doors and walls and dripped on the floor. Oh yeah, she destroyed her foam bed too.... we took her to the vet but other than one lost tooth and a swollen jaw, she was fine.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Our Australian Cattle Dog busted out a crate just like this one. There was blood everywhere, the crate was irreparable. She's also eaten two walls (drywall and door frames) and pulled down every curtain in my house. I can't leave her on the tether outside because she barks and it is against town bylaws to allow her to disturb the neighbours. Not sure what to do...

  2. Wow that's even more trouble than our Barley! We were able to train our Aussie to be okay leashed in the basement. She was leased to a steel door so could not chew it, and no walls that mattered if she chewed them. Eventually (after many many months!) we were able to slowly get her comfortable in our mudroom (no crate) which is about 10x8. There are walls and doors that she could ruin but she's been okay in there and now seeks it out for comfort. She recognizes it as her safe area. The one thing she still does is throw herself against the walls during thunderstorms so then we let her down the basement (loose not leashed) and she is quite happy. It took over a year to reach this point so don't give up! Find a place and reward your Aussie for being there.