Friday, June 08, 2007

Tales of an ugly chicken

The popular teen magazine Sweet 16 runs Centralia girl’s essay about raising chickens. The two-page spread in the June/July issue of Sweet 16 features Jody Brysons award winning hobby of raising chickens.

Tales of an ugly chicken

Jody is an 18-year-old who submitted the essay to the magazine in hopes of winning a scholarship. Instead, an editor called and said they wanted to reprint her story in Sweet 16’s "True Stories" section. The essay tells of Jody’s decision to quit raising chickens after worrying it wasn’t a "cool" enough hobby for high school. But when she bought some black "naked neck" chickens as a joke, her passion was re-ignited. One of those funny-looking birds turned out to be a state champion, giving Jody first place in the youth division champion-of-all-breeds contest at the 2006 Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.

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