Saturday, June 04, 2005

Crook Beak in Guinea House

Crook Beak in Guinea House
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This is Crook Beak. This chicken's beak was mangled when she was young and the poultry farm de-beaked her. She had trouble eating so Brian often fed her by hand.

Crook Beak grew quite tame, in fact Brian trained her to land on his head or shoulders when he was outside. Unfortunately he neglected to inform me, and since she hung around the Guineau House a lot, and I was in there a lot, she once flew up and landed on my head. I wasn't impressed.

When I was working, she would try to get into my car in the mornings. I told Brian about it, as she was becoming quite a nuisance! I would shoo her away and even kick gently at her to keep her out but she was pretty determined to get IN.

Looking sheepish, Brian confessed that he had taken to letting her ride into town with him in his truck... and she loved it! She apparently would sit on his shoulder or the steering wheel as he drove. Like a good little girl she'd wait patiently in the truck, perched on the steering wheel, while he ran into stores doing errands.

Great. That's all I need - more folks in town thinking we're a couple of nut cases!

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