Thursday, June 23, 2005

I hate Turkeys

Turkeys are really stupid. And big. Every year Brian gets baby turkeys to raise for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Then he proceeds to tame them and try to make pets of them, which is not, in my mind, what being a farmer is all about. One year he let them run loose with the chickens and guineas, but didn't tell me.

If you read my first post here on Chicken Chat you know I'm afraid of birds. Well, I was in the barn with my 2 year old grandson and one of the turkeys trapped me in the corner, pecking at me and crying out "Veet, veet!". He was quite fully grown by then and his beak was at my neck height. I kicked, I pushed, I hit, I screamed but the stupid thing just kept pecking and crying out. Finally Brian heard my cries and came out to rescue me. Turns out my farmer husband had been encouraging the stupid bird to eat from his hand.

That turkey was delicious at Thanksgiving though.

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