Friday, June 10, 2005

What's A Jacuzzi for if not for Birds?

Keet in the Hand
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The first time Brian picked up baby chicks after we got married (and remember - I'm a city gal!!) I had no idea what happened once they came home with us.

I figured that Bri had everything ready for them - heat lamps, cages, whatever... in fact I asked him several times if everything was set. His reply was always "yup".

When we got in with 50 cheeping peeping day-old chicks, he proceeded to run around looking for lamps and extension cords. The chicks went into my laundry basket in the living room. Bri hooked up lamps and extension cords and made a real mess of things in the house and I realized this wasn't a temporary measure. He planned on those birds living there til they didn't need their heat lamps anymore. I wasn't happy so he moved them. To my jacuzzi.

Our bathroom became a nighmare of cords and heaters and lamps. The Jacuzzi was, he proclaimed, the perfect spot for these chicks. He laid down cardboard and put their feeder and waterer on it, then he carefully placed 4 lamps hanging down to provide the warmth they need. Then he instructed me to be sure and keep the door shut to keep the heat in. Well, those chicks stink! No matter how often he cleaned 'em and changed the cardboard, it was all I could smell. Besides they're noisy.

He kept them in the Jacuzzi for 10 days. Every morning I got my shower in the stall next to 50 noisy stinky birds. I deserve a medal!

But I never learn. When my old female guinea nested outside and had 30 baby keets, Brian and I gathered them up and put them -- you guessed it -- in the Jacuzzi!

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