Sunday, July 17, 2005

Chicken Farming and Chickens in Feed Barrels

You have to watch if you are a Chicken Farmer - chickens are really tame and sometimes they even get smart and figure out where you keep your feed.

If your back is turned and the lid off the feed barrel, the smart one(s) will jump in when you're not looking. Then you put the lid back on without looking and you've trapped a chicken in what might be called Chicken Heaven....

Some of my chickens used to jump into the feed barrels and end up spending 24 hours in them before I'd find them in the morning. It's a shock to lift the lid up when you're half asleep and have a chicken come flying out at you.

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  1. Hee! I lost my favorite hen due to her curiousity once. She went under an old washtub that she knocked down and spent 2 days in the dark. Normally she would make sounds when I'm around. Good thing I got neat and decided to pick it up. Thought a hawk had found her. It was like a jack in the box when I lifted it up! Thanks for the memory!