Saturday, July 30, 2005

My donkey thinks it is a chicken.

I think my donkey has lost his mind. Yesterday afternoon I decided to cut the grass in the pasture. So with this in mind I opened the gate to drive the tractor in and to my surprise my donkey ran right through the open gate. Now some of you might wonder what is supprising about this so I will just tell you that donkeys are usually a bit wary of something that is different. So normally you can open a gate for a minute or two and the donkey will just stand there and look at it while he trys to decide whether or not the open gate is a good thing or not. So as this gate is almost never open and the donkey in question has not been through it in about five years, I figured I had time to drive the tractpr in. Well I was wrong. As soon as I had opened the gate and got back on the tractor the darned donkey trotted out as nice as you please.

This behavior may be a little unusual but what happened next is the strange part. Now you should now that I have one hundred acres and wile that may not be the biggest farm in the world it is a good sized chunk of land when you are standing in the middle of it.

So I am sitting there on the tractor wondering what the donkey will do now that it is out and has the run of the entire farm when to my surprise he runs all the way over to the chicken barn and settles in to eat the grass amongst the chickens. There it stayed contentedly munching on grass with the chicken milling around underfoot as if it too was chicken. I had a hard time getting him to go back to his pasture and eventually had to entice him with food. So either the donkey thinks it is a chicken or that the chickens are donkeys, either way its nuts.

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