Thursday, July 21, 2005

Jack Attack Part 2

I looked around Left and Right. Where is it. I can't see it. Then in an instant a shadow came over me and with terror in my heart I began to realize the true depth of my situation. It was above me.

Whomp! It hit me Right in the back of the head. I felt its claws digging into the back of my neck as it beat me fiercely about the head. With a scream I let the pail drop to the floor as I fought to get the creature off me. I flailed about with my hands like a wild man, hitting it hard in the chest. It fell to the floor with a thump raising a cloud of dust as it scrambled to get back on its feet. Seeing my chance I turned and ran for the door my feet slipping in the soft dry dirt of the barn floor.

I turned and looked over my shoulder as I ran. It was right behind me relentlessly persuing its prey. I poured on all the speed I could muster as the barn door was now in sight. I hit the door still running nearly wrenching it off its hinges. Again I looked over my shoulder sure the mad creature would be close behind. To my great relief it was nowhere to be seen. I had made it. I had survived.


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