Thursday, July 14, 2005

Keets (Baby Guineas) Bred on Farm Need Warmth and Dry Spaces

Lorine has good luck with breeding her guineas on the farm. We found out that baby guineas, called Keets, often die from getting damp in the long grass. So as soon as they are born, or soon after, you have to find them and take them from the mother bird.

We have been lucky enough to find and gather quite a few hatches. We keep the day old birds in our shower stall downstairs. It's easy to rig up heat lamps, and keep sawdust in the bottom to keep the little ones dry. It's also easy for Lorine to get to for cleaning. You also have to be careful the baby birds can't slip, so don't use newspapers - their little legs are fragile. In fact adult guineas have very fragile legs too.

These keets are one week old and all survived.

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